With the installation Teleforest I created a teleport into the world of insects. Insects are all around us all the time - yet there are not well known. People feel scared around them or do not even see them in the everyday life. Creating awareness for one of the smallest forms of life is the goal of this installation. Teleforest stimulates the viewers senses, to abduct them into the fascinating world of insects. With the help of video, audio and reflective prism foil that was suspended in a room, people can enter an environment enthralling to all senses such as sight , hearing and haptic feeling.

Insects communicate through vibration, an interesting but invisible fact and not perceptible for humans. The prism foil vibrates in a low frequency of audio waves, so it can be touched and experienced in that way by the viewer. This creates a feeling of a certain intimacy, a very personal experience with and within the installation.

special thanks to :

Subp Yao 
who created with me the vibratory soundscape you could feel and hear.

Joseph Stracey 
who helped me out with his tremendous sound library.