Veronika Schoberer




With the installation Teleforest I created a teleport into the world of insects. Insects are all around us all the time - yet there are not well known. People feel scared around them or do not even see them in the everyday life. Creating awareness for one of the smallest forms of life is the goal of this installation. Teleforest stimulates the viewers senses, to abduct them into the fascinating world of insects. With the help of video, audio and reflective prism foil that was suspended in a room, people can enter an environment enthralling to all senses such as sight , hearing and haptic feeling.

Insects communicate through vibration, an interesting but invisible fact and not perceptible for humans. The prism foil vibrates in a low frequency of audio waves, so it can be touched and experienced in that way by the viewer. This creates a feeling of a certain intimacy, a very personal experience with and within the installation.

special thanks to :

Subp Yao 
who created with me the vibratory soundscape you could feel and hear.

Joseph Stracey 
who helped me out with his tremendous sound library.


Actress : Marika Meoli

Actor : Slavko Popadic

Director: Veronika Schoberer

Script : Veronika Schoberer

Producer : Miriam Schweika

Cinematographer : Daniel van Hauten

Edit : Daniel van Hauten is & Veronika Schoberer

Behind the Scenes & Gaffer : Lorenzo Rietveld

Boom Operator & Sound Mix : Subp Yao






Loss and gain. Follow a young anyone into a world that is as much his reality as it is his psyche. A place where he battles as much with a personal loss as with his own inner self. And a time when he stares as much into the abyss of his own sadness as he does into the eyes of a lost love…See how this young man tries to deal with things that threaten to break him and find out how he struggles to escape his own inner labyrinth of loss and grief in this exhilarating and enigmatic short movie that will capture your fantasy und pull you into its metaphorical description of feelings that everybody who has ever lost a loved one will know.






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The short booklet “Funny Seasons after Sun” reveals some impressions of the graffiti subculture of young adults in Germany and the Netherlands.

Adrenaline - Fun - Who has the biggest ? - Fame - Rebellion - Self Expression

This photo series shows the youngsters in their natural habitat, the jungle of the underground.



Director : Veronika Schoberer

Scenario : Veronika Schoberer

Producer : Sanne Walet

Cinematographer : Eylem Polat

Gaffer : Iris Dreesen and Marc Mingels

Boom Operator : Mike Bijlmakers

Music Componists : Giannis Motesantos & Frederik Tings

Songs : Subp Yao




Faster! More! Now! Another stressful day awaits Yasin in his - hopefully - temporary job as delivery boy for an anything else but magnificent shack,still deeming itself restaurant. Today however, his way full of hurry and hustle will push him over an unexpected cliff he didn't see coming at all...

Follow Yasin on his trip into a sphere where reality and perception detach from and simultaneously crash into each other, until Yasin's life balances on the verge of spiralling out of control.





BeckZ : Dancer

video by : Eylem Polat & Veronika Schoberer


"Dancing plays a big role in my life because I can express myself through it" - BeckZ

BeckZ Deerockz, a passionated Dancer from Aachen, germany, speaks about his experience in dance battles and what part Hip Hop plays in it.




Marc Mafoud - Singer

Mami Izumi - Dancer

video by - Eylem Polat & Veronika Schoberer